CA Sanket Agrawal

Chartered Accountant

Maths, Economic expert, completed CA at the age of 21 in first Attempt. 7 years Experience. Faculty at Agarwal Classes, Pune

His students like to call him ‘Ramanujan – The Math Genius’. CA Sanket Agarwal is one of the youngest faculty for CA. He achieved heights while he was a students, got 173 out of 200 in CPT. Cleared all levels of CA exams in first attempt and he was a CA at the age of 21. He’s been teaching math and economics since 7 years. Thousands of student learn from him face to face and online.


Few words from CA Sanket Agrawal Sir

There are two most common reasons for a student to not achieve success in CA Foundation. First is aggregate marks of 200. Second reason is he/she couldn’t get 40 marks in Maths. Both Maths and Economics are objective subjects Lot of students struggle with this problem and unfortunately fail their exams. I am here with a solution to both these problems. To cover aggregate we have Economics.

Lets talk about the Math problem here. Statistics, mathematics and logical reasoning these are the three parts in mathematics. Maths – 40 Marsks, Statistics – 40 Marks and Logical Reasoning – 20 Marks. Interest and Correlation – Regression having the biggest weightage , also one of the easiest chapters in whole syllabus and Logical Reasoning is also helpful in scoring. Only with these 3 topics/chapters we can cover more than 40 marks easily. Being 7 years in Maths I have learned one most important thing while teaching. I always consider that my students dont know anything about math. So i plan my teaching accordingly, this helped my students to understand difficult concepts very smoothly. Math is a beautiful subject and I always enjoy teaching it from the basics. ICAI has beautifully designed the syllabus, you will enjoy learning it. Math is beauty if you understand from the basics and its a nightmare if you dont. And I will help you understand it from the basics.

Economics and BCK : Economics – 60 Marks, Business and Commercial Knowledge – 40 Marks. My 20 students from November 18 Attempt scored 80+ marks and number of students scored 70+. Economics and BCK is a scoring theory subject, you can score 70+ easily to cover your aggregate. Most of the syllabus is relatable to 11th and 12th. I can assure you that you will hit the aggregate easily but, I will need your dedication in studying. If you attend all the lectures, revision lectures, marathon lectures and we will solve question bank problems, then I assure you that you will achieve the target 80+

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